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European Wellness Collaborates With Heidelberg University In Journal Publications Of “Synergistic Anti-Ageing Through Senescent Cells Specific Reprogramming”

Heidelberg, Germany, April 27, 2023 – European Wellness Academy (EWA), an educational arm of European Wellness Biomedical Group (EW Group), has collaborated with Heidelberg University on journal publication. The research project, titled “Synergistic Anti-Ageing Through Senescent Cells Specific Reprogramming,” was funded by EWA and has been published in a reputable scientific journal.

This method is preferred for carefully regulated partial reprogramming to reduce the likelihood of cancer and organ failure caused by cellular identity loss. The approach was able to improvise the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP), which in turn reduced the chronic inflammatory state related to ageing and secondary senescence in adjacent cells.

This research will investigate the possibility that cellular senescence intervention could enhance the ageing process and damage repair in the aim of extending healthy lifespans and reducing the risk of frailty. It highlights the limitations and challenges involved in making use of these breakthroughs to investigate hypotheses and prospective directions for future research that have translational significance.

Reprogramming treatments on senescent cells have the ability to maintain beneficial components as compared to senescent cell removal. The study also demonstrated that senescence enhances reprogramming, potentially serving as a self-modifying mechanism, enabling the same expression level of reprogramming factors to be more effective in the senescent environment. When the senescent environment is attenuated or reversed, the efficiency of reprogramming is lowered, preventing the damage caused by over-induction.

When rejuvenation becomes more prominent, local reprogramming loses the stimulus from SASP and integrates with a regulated induction mechanism to prevent tumours and cellular function loss. This method should be executed in non-fatal tissues, such as adipose, fascia as opposed to myocardium and nerves.

The collaboration between both institutions represents an important step forward in the field of anti-ageing research. The study’s findings provide a solid foundation for further research and development in this area, with the potential to transform the way on approaching the ageing process.

European Wellness Academy

A non-profitable academy body of EW Group, located in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Greece and Malaysia, as a CPD authorized body with a premium training and development wing that resolves around cutting-edge Bio-Regenerative Medicine modalities for practitioners and researchers. It has extensive years of combined clinical experience and a core academic team comprising of qualified MDs and scientists with numerous international affiliations and accreditations.

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