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The Dawn of New Medicine – Stem Cell Therapy: Old Dogma, New Hope


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Prof. Dr. Mike K.S. Chan

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ISBN: 9781803132082, eISBN: 9781803134260

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Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike K.S. Chan is an author, educator and pioneer of Organotherapy, Cellular Therapy and Cell Membrane Therapy in Europe and Asia since the early 1980s. He founded and funded one of the world’s largest research on Bio-Molecular and Bio-Regenerative Medicine in Switzerland and Germany, with a global presence in almost eighty countries. He has conducted more than 1,000 lectures, seminars, and symposiums worldwide in the fields of organotherapy, cell therapies, age reversal, regenerative medicine, and stem-cell therapies.

Table of Content

Introduction 3
Stem Cell Therapy: A Beacon of Hope 3
Stem Cell Therapy: The Basics 6
What Is Cellular Therapy? 6
Why Does Cellular Therapy Work? 7
Specificity 7
An Array of Cells 8
Rejuvenate and Not Replace 8
Some Basic Information Regarding Cell Therapy 9
From Lab to Life: Translational Medicine 10
References 11
History of the Future – Regenerative Medicine 12
The History of Stem Cell Therapy 12
Chronology 12
Ancient Times 12
Anno Domini (Ad) – “Like Cures Like” 13
Father of Modern Stem Cell Therapy 14
The New Hope 17
Development of Stem Cell Therapy from the Early Twentieth Century 18
Stem Cell Therapy Today 18
Regenerative Medicine: Future Perspectives 18
Ageing Diseases and Anti-Ageing 19
Reconstructive Medicine 20
Stem Cell Therapy in Malaysia 20
Summary 21
References 21
Cell Biology: 23
The Basis of Stem Cell Therapy 23
History 23
The Cell 23
Blastocyst 26
Cell Transplantation Being Practised Today 27
Animal Fetal Precursor Stem Cells Vs Human Embryonic Stem Cells 28
Precursor Stem Cells from Tissue Fragment Vs Precursor Stem Cells from Dispersed (Discrete) Cells 28
The Science Behind Stem Cell Therapy – Mechanism of Action of Fetal Precursor Stem Cell Xenotransplants 29
Tissue and Cell Extracts 30
Microphotographs of Stem Cells 31
Cellular Senescence, Mitochondria, and Diseases 31
References 40
Stem Cell Therapy: The Solution to Modern Medicine 41
History of Defeating the Impossible 42
Diabetes Mellitus 43
Diabetes Mellitus Type I 43
Diabetes Mellitus Type II 44
The Past 45
Recent Studies 46
Stem Cell Therapy and Malignancies 48
Case Reports 48
Case 1 48
Case 2 49
Diseases of Immune System 50
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) 50
Sleep Disorders and Stem Cell Therapy 51
Sleep Disorders 52
Treatment Strategy for Sleep Disorders 53
Transcranial Electrostimulation 53
Electrobiosleep 53
Phototherapy 53
Darsonvalization 54
Stem Cell Therapy in the Management of Sleep Disorders 54
Peptides and Cell Extracts in the Management of Sleep Disorders 55
Neurodegenerative Disorders 56
Parkinson’s Disease 56
Spinocerebellar Degeneration 57
A Case History 57
Leukodystrophy 58
Case History 58
Alzheimer’s Disease 59
Case of Chromosomal Abnormality (Charge Syndrome) 60
After Seventh Implantation at Age Eight Years and Eight Months – Parents’ and Attending Physician’s Comments 61
Yearly Programme Report by Speech Therapist (Once a Week for Nine Months, September to June 2013) 61
Physiotherapy Report Summary – 16 September 2013 64
References 64
Stem Cell Research: Beyond Clinical Trials and Randomized Control Studies 67
Stem Cell Therapy is Not Drug Therapy – e Unsuitability of Randomized Blind Controlled Studies 67
Scientific Study of Stem Cell Therapy 68
Present State of Stem Cell Research 71
Work of Sir Martin Evans 72
The Future 73
References 74
Therapeutic Usage of Stem Cells 75
Stem Cell Therapy Vs Hormonal Treatment 76
Treatment of Neurological Disease 77
Treatment of Other Disorders 77
Contraindications to Stem Cell Therapy 78
Preparation of Patient 79
Treatment of Patient 79
Some Examples of Stem Cell Prescriptions for the First Stem Cell Therapy (LCT) 80
Paediatrics 80
Adults 81
Post-Treatment Precaution and Monitoring 83
Surveillance for Possible Immunological Reactions after Stem Cell Therapy 84
Surveillance for Possible Xenotic Transmission 84
References 84
Safety Profile of Stem Cell Therapy 85
Procuring Fetal Cells for Stem Cell Therapy 85
Rabbits as a Source of Fetal Stem Cells 86
Risk of Immune Reactions 87
The Chimera Issue 88
Additional Criteria for Safety 88
The Use of Fetal Precursor Stem Cell Xenotransplants Prepared by Tissue Cultures 88
The Malaysian Experience 89
What Can Be Done to Advance Stem Cell Therapy? 90
References 90
Down’s Syndrome and Stem Cell Therapy 91
Searching for a Therapy 92
A Treatment for Down’s Syndrome 93
The Efficacy of Stem Cell Therapy on Down’s Syndrome 94
The Malaysian Experience 94
Treatment Must Be Integrated 95
Case Examples 96
Case 1 96
Case 2 96
Case 3 98
Case 4 99
Before stem cell therapy 99
After stem cell therapy 100
The Case of Bridget B. (As Told by Her Sister Anita Baxas, MD) 101
Bridget’s Message to Parents 104
References 104
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stem Cell Therapy 105
What are the Characteristics of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome? 106
Incidence 107
What Causes Autism? 107
Recognizing the Autistic Child 108
Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder 109
Treating Autism with Stem Cell Therapy 109
Understanding the Autistic Child and the Parents 112
What Have We Learned from Research and from Patients Themselves? 113
Case 1 114
Case 2 115
References 116
CHAPTER 10 118
Cerebral Palsy and Stem Cell Therapy 118
What is Cerebral Palsy? 118
Understanding the Cerebral Palsy Child 119
Incidence 120
Causes of Cerebral Palsy 121
Pathophysiology 121
Types of Cerebral Palsy 122
Cranial Imaging Studies 122
Conventional Treatment of Cerebral Palsy 123
Treatment Using Stem Cell Therapy 124
When Is the Best Time to Treat with Live-Cell Therapy? 124
Other Treatment 125
Summary 125
Case 1 126
References 126
CHAPTER 11 128
Global Developmental Delay and Stem Cell Therapy 128
Introduction and Definition 128
Prevalence 129
The Search for Treatment for an Untreatable Medical Condition 130
Chromosomal Disorders 131
Genetic Disorders 131
Multifactorial Inheritance 131
Others 132
How Can the Protocol of Stem Cell Therapy Help Children with Global Developmental Delay? 133
Managing the Developmentally Disabled Child 133
So, What Can Be Done to Prevent Global Developmental Disorder? 133
Maternal Health 133
Prenatal Diagnosis 134
Early Detection 134
Food and Therapy 134
How Do We Meet the Aspirations of Patients and Parents? 134
Two Cases of Global Delay 136
Case 1 136
Case 2 136
New Straits Times, 28 May 2012 136
Tay–Sachs Disease – Can Stem Cell Transplantation Cure This Condition? 137
References 138
CHAPTER 12 141
Holistic Integrated Perspective of Biological Medicine 141
What is Biological Medicine? 142
Causes of Disease and Illness 143
Optimum Mesenchymal Environment 145
What Is Mesenchymal Environment? 145
Early Recognition and Treatment of Illnesses 147
Conclusion 148
References 149
CHAPTER 13 150
Importance of Healthy Milieu Interior 150
What is Internal Body Milieu? 150
Principles for the Preservation of Health 150
Nutrition 151
Analysis of the Internal Body Milieu 152
Healthy Eating Habits 153
Acid-forming foods 153
Alkali-forming foods 153
Boosting the Immune System 154
Mental Stress 155
The Lifestyle 156
Relationships: Spouse, Family, Neighbours and Community 156
Work, Pastime Activities, Sleep and Rest 226
Spiritual Immersion, Meditation 156
Environmental Pollution, Sanitation, Water Supply, Electromagnetic Clouds 158
Earthing or Grounding 157
Conclusion 159
References 159
CHAPTER 14 161
Stem Cell Therapy as a Part of Holistic Treatment 161
The Place for Stem Cell Therapy in Wellness 161
Preparation for Stem Cell Therapy 162
The Stem Cell Therapy Prescription 163
Level 4 164
Level 3 164
Level 2 164
Level 1 164
Conclusion 164
CHAPTER 15 166
Stem Cell Therapy as a Part of Holistic Treatment 166
Causes of Ageing 167
Effects of Ageing on the Body 168
Premature Ageing 169
Conventional Management of Premature Menopause and Andropause 170
How to Overcome Effects of Ageing 171
Stem Cell Therapy and Anti-Ageing 172
Stem Cell Therapy and Treatment for Ageing Diseases 174
A Case Example 176
To Whom It May Concern 177
Conclusion 179
References 179
CHAPTER 16 180
Cancer and Stem Cell Therapy 180
Cancer Immunology and Carcinogenesis 180
The Immune System 180
What Is the Cause of Cancer? 181
The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer 182
Treatment for Cancer 183
Immunotherapy 183
Monoclonal Antibody Therapy 184
Non-Specific Immune Therapies 184
Interferon 184
Interleukins 184
Viral Oncolytic Therapy 184
T-Cell Therapy 185
Cancer Vaccines 185
Biological Cancer Therapy 185
How Do We Prevent Cancer? 187
Cancer Prevention 188
Summary 189
References 189
CHAPTER 17 193
Stem Cell Therapy: The Future 193
What Is the Future of Live-Cell Therapy? 195
Legislative Situation and Reports 196
What Is the Way Forward? 198
References 199

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  1. Reviewer from NetGalley

    This is amazing book covering not only stem cells, but how this treatment can change the course of medicine for the future. The author talks about how so many diseases and illnesses are presently incurable, but that stem cells are the face of the future and could cure these, leading to a better society. I loved how the author broke down the science behind stem cells; he took the reader through it step by step, explaining what they are, where they are found, why and how they are useful and more. He has a chapter dedicated to each illness or disease that stem cells could be useful for and goes into great detail about the benefits of stem cells. This is such a hot button and polarizing topic, but I think Mike Chan breaks it down so it is understandable to the general public and he helps us to realize why stem cells are so important and why we should be giving them a chance when it comes to medicine and curing illness and disease. I truly think this is a book that not only those in the medical community should read, but the general public as well.

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