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🌐 A Global Convention of Medical Experts at AMWC 2024, Monaco 🌐

This year’s Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress was more than simply an event; it was a historic gathering of minds and souls from all over the world!

We were thrilled to meet such a diversified convention of over 100 doctors and medical experts.

Our Chairman and Founder of European Wellness, Prof. Dr Mike Chan was given the privilege of delivering his keynote speech titled, “Stem Cells and Peptides for Age Reversal & Longevity with Precision in Bioregenerative Medicine,” whilst our Senior Medical Advisor, Prof. Dr Roni Lara Moya delivered his keynote address titled, “Innovations in Practical Cell Therapy Techniques in Regenerative Biomedicine.”

Prof. Dr. Mike Chan was one of the three key speakers delivering notes on Stem Cells Therapy and the first to deliver his presentation out of the three honourable speakers.

Their keynote addresses fascinated and motivated over a thousand of participants and exhibitors, establishing a new standard for the future of aesthetic and anti-aging therapy.

However, the most memorable aspect of AMWC 2024 was our attendance, unprecedented degree of involvement, and contribution.

Doctors from many countries across the world contributed their unique insights, cutting-edge research discoveries, and new methods to the table, promoting a culture of rich information sharing and collaboration.

Workshops, seminars, and informal talks filled the air with ideas and insights, pushing the limits of medical knowledge and patient care to new heights.

As we reflect on the days of the convention, we are grateful for the active involvement and depth of information exchanged among peers.

These contributions drive the ongoing growth of our discipline, setting the path for a future in which cosmetic and anti-aging medicine can achieve new levels of efficacy and accessibility.

This marks the future of collaboration and discoveries, together, as medical professionals beyond borders shaping the future of healthcare.

Prof. Dr Mike Chan at the AMWC 2024 Monaco


MONTE CARLO, MonacoApril 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The European Wellness Biomedical Group (EWBG), a global pioneer in biotechnology and bioregenerative medicine, is pleased to announce its extraordinary participation in the 22nd Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress (AMWC) 2024, which was held in Monaco from March 27-29. As 2 of 3 of the event faculty’s main stem cells speakers, EWBG’s Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr Mike Chan and Prof. Dr Roni Moya shed light on the event, which is well-known for bringing together the world’s leading specialists in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine.

They wowed delegates with their pioneering research and clinical innovations in bioregenerative medicine, putting EWBG at the forefront of the industry.

Mike Chan, known for his innovative pioneering work in stem cells and bioregenerative medicine, presented his most recent research discoveries, promising to transform how age-related illnesses are treated. His talk, “Stem cells and peptides for age reversal & longevity with precision in bioregenerative medicine,” focused on targeted organ and brain-specific precursor stem cell therapy’s potential to increase lifespan and improve health span through cell span, received unwaning great reviews from the audience.

Roni Moya, an expert in aesthetic medicine, spoke about novel methods for aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments that stress patients’ safety and natural outcomes. His presentation, “Innovations in Practical Cell Therapy Techniques in Regenerative Biomedicine,” emphasised the significance of incorporating new technology while adhering to ethical norms in cosmetic procedures.

The presence of the 2 prominent speakers at AMWC 2024 demonstrates EWBG’s dedication to advancing medical sciences for the benefit of humanity. Their speeches elicited passionate responses, spurring conversations about the future of medicine and the ethical implications of developing technology.

EWBG’s attendance at AMWC 2024 demonstrates the organisation’s role as a beacon of innovation in the medical profession. As we navigate the challenges and possibilities posed by the constantly changing medical landscape, EWBG is committed to pursuing new frontiers and innovations in health and wellbeing.


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