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Miss Manila 2023, Gabrielle Lantzer at European Wellness!

18-year-old Gabrielle Lantzer is not only an official ambassador of EW Villa Medica Manila, she is also Miss Manila 2023! Her jaw-dropping looks and incredible charisma that helped her win the crown are a testament to her beauty, health, and wellness regiment.

In this video, learn some of the secrets behind how Ms. Gabrielle maintains her health, energy, and beauty, as she pays a visit to the high-tech facilities in EW Villa Medica Manila for a series of treatments including:

βœ… Bio Myo Stimulator:
A non-invasive device that uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles. This can help to improve muscle strength, endurance, and tone. It can also be used to relieve pain and inflammation, and to promote muscle recovery.

βœ… Bio Lux Gem:
A therapeutic modality helps to eliminate pain, treat injuries and damaged nerves, improve muscular and skeletal problems, counteract infections and allergies, treat skin problems, relieve exhaustion and nervous disorders.

πŸŽ₯ Watch the video:

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