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Fiorenzo Nisi’s Successful Treatment Of Osteomyelitis With European Wellness

“My treatments have improved dramatically my condition, especially my chronic bone disease (osteomyelitis). And I feel much better, reinvigorated and regenerated.”

Fiorenzo Nisi is a celebrated Italian photographer, filmmaker and producer who has over 40 years in the creative industry, beginning with advertising executive positions in top companies such as Uomo, Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, and Fortune Magazine before making the move to photography, cinematography, and fashion design, working alongside world-renowned artists and iconic brands such as Guess, Paciotti, and Gucci to produce global advertising campaigns, music videos, and editorial covers. In recent years, he has shifted his focus to photography projects and shooting/producing feature films and documentaries.

Throughout Fiorenzo’s life and career, however, he had long endured chronic osteomyelitis – inflammation of the bone that causes reoccurring pain. This led to his journey of wellness with European Wellness. To his pleasant surprise, his treatment sessions have left him feeling reinvigorated – with no more painful sensations in his legs!

Find out how Fiorenzo discovered the solution to his condition in today’s episode of #EWSuccessStories!

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