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2021 Update: Dr Michael’s Recovery From Stage 5 Kidney Failure & Heart Disease

What happened to Dr. Michael McGinnis, after over 3 years of treatment with European Wellness?

In January 2018, Dr. Michael had a massive heart attack and was rushed to hospital. During treatment, he experienced a series of medical mishaps and complications that would ultimately leave him with Stage 5 Kidney Failure. To survive, he would need to go through dialysis 3 times a week, and his weak state meant that he could no longer lead the healthy, active lifestyle he once had…

His physicians told him to accept that he would have to live like this for the rest of his life. But Dr. Michael and his wife, Dr Jurina, refused to give up and sought alternative treatment with European Wellness. His recovery journey, documented in our last video here:

No More Dialysis! Dr Michael’s Journey Of Recovery From Stage 5 Kidney Failure

showed that Dr. Michael had recovered to the point where he no longer required dialysis – something conventional medicine thought impossible!

How is Dr. Michael doing today, in 2021? Well, tune in and find out in this update video!

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