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Throwback to Global Unity Gathering 2022 with Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan and Her Holiness Sai Maa!

Get ready to be inspired and take a trip down memory lane! Relive the unforgettable moment in December 2022 when two visionaries, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan and Her Holiness Sai Maa, shared the stage at the Global Unity Gathering in Florida and brought hope to the world.

The audience, made up of individuals from over 41 countries, was treated to a powerful presentation by Prof. Dr. Mike Chan – a renowned expert in anti-aging, bioregenerative medicine, and stem cells with over 38+ years of experience – as he debunked myths and offered hope for treating chronic conditions and preserving quality of life even in advanced years.

This presentation marked yet another exciting collaboration between world-renowned spiritual guru Sai Maa and European Wellness founder Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, who believe that science and spirituality can coexist and work together to promote total health and wellness. Watch the full presentation and Q&A session, as well as testimonials from attendees, by following the links below:

• Presentation on Stem Cells, Peptides & Exosomes –
• Q&A Session –
• Sharing by Participants –

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