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European Wellness at the 21st International Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine and Medical Aesthetics!

At the prestigious 21st International Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine and Medicine Aesthetics, organised by the Spanish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (SEMAL), pre-eminent doctors, scientists, researchers, and medical practitioners from around the world congregated in Spain to present their findings – with European Wellness Chairman Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan taking to the stage to present on two topics himself, before being invited into a panel of experts to share his valuable insights.

European Wellness’s innovation received critical praise by SEMAL Scientific President Dr. Manuel J. Castillo Garzon, who was part of the same panel. Addressing a crowd of top experts, medical practitioners, and professors, he described the cutting-edge technology employed by European Wellness as beyond anything currently in use in Spain. He also expressed great interest in fostering collaborative efforts between the two groups in order to take training and education for anti-aging and aesthetics practitioners to the next level – an endeavour we are very much looking forward to!

A massive thank you goes out to everyone who visited us at our booth during the event – we’re incredibly appreciative of your support! Congratulations as well to SEMAL for their excellent work in organising the congress and providing a platform for the world’s top experts in anti-aging, aesthetics and regenerative medicine!

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