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European Wellness Advances Clinical Trials on Precursor Stem Cells for Fertility and Immunology into China

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — European Wellness Biomedical Group (European Wellness) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Li Hua Biotechnology to formalize strategic alliance in scientific research and clinical trials development for fertility and immunology in Hunan, China.

In a virtual signing session via Zoom Meeting, the Sino-European alliance agreed to enter into a strategic venture involving European Wellness’ proprietary precursor (progenitor) stem cells and biological peptides at Li Hua Biotechnology’s CGTP research facility and Hunan’s Xiangtan Central Hospital, the first large-scale national first-class general hospital in Xiangtan City. This multi-phase alliance ultimately aims to create best-in-class modern cell therapeutics that are made accessible to the local community in China.

Li Hua Biotechnology was represented by Director Prof. Dr. Tham Xiao Jun, while European Wellness was represented by Group Chairman Prof. Dr. Mike Chan during the June 11th MOU signing.

The partnership manifests European Wellness’ efforts to propel the development of its proprietary patent-pending precursor stem cell therapeutics, which presently is in the early stage of multi-centric clinical development across USA, Greece and Japan led by European Wellness’ international scientific committee which constitutes world-class researchers with profound scientific pedigree including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Southern California, University of California-Irvine, Oxford University, Cambridge University and Germany’s renowned Heidelberg University, where safety and toxicity studies, and further research studies are undergoing.

The later phase of the strategic venture focalizes on providing education to researchers and local medical practitioners in China, particularly in the specialised subject of bio-regenerative science as well as clinical protocols and best practices in stem cell transplantation.

National Bureau of Statistics of China revealed that China’s birthrate has drastically decline in recent years with only 12 million babies born last year compared to the 18 million born in 2016 (the lowest number of births recorded by China since the 1960s).

“Although in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a popular option among Chinese couples, it may not always work. The likelihood of IVF success deteriorates after the age of 35,” said Prof. Dr. Mike Chan.

“This is where organ-specific precursor stem cell therapy may be of service as it targets the regeneration of specific organs linked with the pathophysiology of infertility. This is achieved through non-invasive transplantation of a variety of precursor stem cells originating from the pituitary, adrenal gland, liver and the gonads.”

His sentiments were shared by Prof. Tham, China’s renowned gynaecologist with specialisation in IVF and a prominent stem cell scientist since 2005, who believed that this alliance signifies the convergence of great intellects from the East and West in this emerging scientific sphere.

“With China’s three-child policy announced in May 2021 to address the ageing population problem, European Wellness as a pioneer and leader in stem cell therapeutics is indeed a worthy partner to collaborate with and address the escalating demand for non-invasive fertility therapy in China.”

European Wellness Biomedical Group

European Wellness Biomedical Group is an award-winning European group founded in 1991 in Switzerland through the culmination of early cell therapeutic research efforts spanning across Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Austria since the mid ’80s. Today, the Group is most renowned for its pioneering developments in precursor stem cell therapeutics, biological peptides, biological regenerative medicine and immunomodulation. The Group’s multinational business divisions include research and development, bio-manufacturing, medical academy and education, anti-ageing centres and product distribution to practitioners and consumers across 80 countries. The Group also owns a growing network of 26 internationally accredited Wellness Centres globally. Today, the Group is headquartered in Germany and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (Asia Pacific) with research facilities in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and United Kingdom.

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