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Channelling my Inner Bruce Lee πŸ’₯

Embracing Bruce Lee’s eternal wisdom and agility, I am looking fondly into the core of martial arts application in everyday life. πŸ‘Š Each posture and stroke carry practicality in motion. Through devotion and discipline, I am on the way to greatness. πŸ₯‹

Bruce is one of my 3 idols throughout my career in terms of wisdom and philosophy of life. I idolise him for his confidence in martial arts and charismatic personality.

And yes, Bruce – you are irreplaceable and second to none. For me personally, your martial arts techniques are still being practised even after 50 years since your departure from the mortal world. You are now immortalised, and yes, β€œBe like water.”

The other side of β€˜Bruce Lee’ in Mike Chan.

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