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European Wellness at RAADFest 2023!

For the third time in just four years, the iconic European Wellness Founder, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan, graced the grand stage of RAADFest – one of the world’s biggest anti-aging and longevity events! Nestled within the opulent Hyatt…

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European Wellness will be at RAADfest 2023!

UPCOMING EVENT: European Wellness will be at RAADfest 2023! Get ready for one of the biggest anti-aging and longevity events in the world – the Revolution Against Aging and Death (RAAD) Festival 2023! Featuring some of the greatest minds all…

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European Wellness and Longevity Fest 2022 Light Up Vegas!

A4M’s World Congress in Anti-Aging Medicine @ Longevity Fest 2022 is an extraordinary annual event that sees the world’s top experts in anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and aesthetics congregating. This year, with A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) celebrating its 30th…

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