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Prof. Dr. Mike Chan: Alternative Medicine as the Key to Good Health

Medicine is constantly developing, with scientists working on new ways to make life easier for patients. One of the greater goals of medicine is to replace or restore damaged tissue, cells and organs, thus potentially extending one’s life. Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, who has dedicated decades of his life in the field of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, stands out as one of its most respected pioneers.

Prof. Dr. Mike Chan: renowned scientist, researcher, lecturer, and public speaker, has dedicated a large portion of his life to introducing bio-molecular medicine and stem cell studies to the world.

Prof. Dr. Mike Chan – Pioneer of alternative medical research

In the 80s, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan concentrated on bio-molecular medicine, before moving on to introduce stem cell research in Asia in the early 90s. In the meantime, he cultivated a reputation as one of the world’s foremost experts in Switzerland on the subject of cell therapy, particularly in the areas of anti-aging and regeneration. He was one of the first researchers to make cell therapy accessible to the general public. In more than 1000 lectures, seminars and symposia he was an academic speaker on his special field in more than 45 countries.

Ten clinics and centers are under the leadership or co-leadership of Prof. Dr. Mike Chan. Currently, he also serves as the Director of Research and Senior Technical Consultant for world-renowned brands in the anti-aging field, and is a member of several non-profit organizations and scientific committees:

  • The International Association of Stem Cell Transplantation in den USA
  • The International Association of Cell Therapy in Genf in der Schweiz
  • The European Wellness Academy of Integrative Biological Medicine in Deutschland

Prof. Dr. Mike Chan is also co-founder of Bio Molecular Therapy Malaysia Asian and a member of a number of research teams and educational institutions. His lectures and seminars are popular and appreciated all over the world, both by professionals in research and applied medicine and by the general public.

Alternative healing methods as a supplement to classical orthodox medicine

In addition to cell therapy, there are many other types of alternative healing methods. These are usually used as a supplement to conventional medicine. Prof. Dr. Mike Chan is aware of the importance of alternative healing methods – such as traditional Chinese medicine or homeopathy, stressing that in the field of medicine, one must be open-minded to possible solutions.

The Schüßler salts, for example, are part of traditional homeopathy and are based on a total of twelve different functional agents, in accordance with the belief that certain ailments are caused by a disturbed metabolism. The healing salts are supposed to stimulate the cell metabolism, in addition to stimulating the body’s own self-healing powers.

Currently, phytotherapy is also popular as it is usually a good and effective method. In phytotherapy, everything revolves around the correct use of herbal substances to alleviate symptoms. However, symptoms can not only be alleviated, the underlying conditions can also be cured and prevented. The medicinal herbs, obtained from extracts, dried plant parts or fresh plants, are administered in the form of baths, oils, compresses, inhalations and ointments. They are particularly popular for stomach pains, sleep problems, tension and chronic illnesses.

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