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RAADfest 2019

The latest science. 

The most advanced products and services. 

The most inspiring people. 

The best place to be. 

RAADFest (Revolution Against Aging and Death) is all about bringing together like-minded people who are passionate about longevity to make a real difference.

Get the latest news, science and technology information from this energetically super-charged global event in Las Vegas! Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our two distinguished speakers with their transformative topics!

Dr. Dmytro Klokol | SBR

CELL THERAPY and Xeno-Transplantation

Safety and Efficacy of Cell Therapy and Stem Cell

4 Oct 2019, 1PM

Prof. Dr. Mike Chan | SBR

ORGAN REJUVENATION : Use of Stem Cells and Peptides

Stem Cells: what they’re about and why some Stem Cells and peptides work while some don’t

5 Oct 2019, 1PM

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