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🌟 Pioneering Healthcare: The Bio-Regen Medicine Dialogue – Advancing Healthcare Through Stem Cell Therapy 🌟

Over 100 highly-esteemed participants attended the Lincoln University College’s (LUC) Auditorium for the University & Industry Collaboration Dialogue on Bioregenerative Medicine, on June 6, 2024, which included profound insights from European Wellness Biomedical Group’s substantial clinical experience.

This prestigious event was led by Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr Mike Chan, Founder of European Wellness Biomedical Group and Adjunct Professor and Honorary Fellow of Lincoln University College (LUC), as well as other notable speakers such as Prof. Dr Dmytro Klokol (Head of Group Medical Advisory at EWBG) and AP Capt (R) Dr Farid Che Ghazali from LUC.

We were thrilled to have the Pro-Chancellor of LUC, Prof. Datuk Dr Hjh Bibi Florina Abdullah, sponsor and inaugurate this important discourse conducted by the European Wellness Academy and the LUC Team.

This partnership represents a huge step forward in bioregenerative medicine by combining academics and industry.

Prof. Dr Mike Chan delivering his keynote speech
Prof. Dr Mike Chan receiving a souvenir from Prof. Datuk Dr Hjh Bibi Florina Abdullah

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