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🌟 A Gathering of Greats: Prof. Dr Mike Chan’s Dinner & Luncheon with Distinguished Leaders and Governors of The World Brands Foundation 🌟

📸✨ A lunch and dinner to remember! On May 30, Prof. Dr Mike Chan, Founder and Chairman of European Wellness Biomedical Group, had a post-event lunch with the legendary Prof. Datuk Jimmy Choo following the prestigious BrandLaureate Fast Moving Growing Sustainable Business & Brands Awards 2024, the annual TheBrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2024, and The BrandLaureate Property Branding Awards 2024, hosted by The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) spearheaded by Branding Guru, Prof. Dr KK Johan. 🏆🌟

Over lunch and dinner, two icons from two different worlds who are inspired by quality and creativity addressed a variety of intriguing issues.

They discussed the future of sustainable business practices, the significance of branding in today’s competitive market, and the possibility of joint initiatives that span the biomedical research and fashion industries.

The talk was full of ideas for driving good change and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Their conversation was as motivating as their accomplishments, suggesting potential game-changing cooperation in the future.

They were also joined by another high-profile personality – the famed Malaysian Tower Runner Champion who darted up the Skyrise Chicago’s 105 floors in 12 minutes and 57 seconds – Soh Wai Ching!

Such an inspiring moment to cherish!🚀✨

Prof. Dr Mike Chan with Prof. Datuk Jimmy Choo
Prof. Dr Mike Chan with Soh Wai Ching

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